Have you embraced the Opportunity?

Posted by Allan Steinmetz on 17 June 2020

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Have you embraced the Opportunity? There is no status quo in business or in society

What's next? That is the question everyone is asking. The future is not what we thought it would be only a few short months ago. The world of marketing, branding, communication, human resources, and employee/customer engagement has turned topsy-turvy. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its social distancing and remote working, along with increased tensions and racial injustice demonstrations, are causing instability with corporate strategies, inability to grow revenue, and lapses in prioritizing business initiatives. Everyone is lost. Nearly every company I talk to is experiencing chaos. They ask, what should we focus on first? Where should we invest our time and money? How do we communicate to our employees and our customers? What is our purpose with the world changing around us? Now is a time to act; we are past taking a "wait-and-see" approach.

It's time to embrace the opportunities and stop focusing on the negatives. Companies and their leadership need to reset and acknowledge that the old ways will not come back. It is time to start thinking through how to organize work for a distributed workforce, improve internal and external brand engagement, and replace lost revenue. Embrace the opportunity. The holding pattern that we find ourselves in today should not continue. Companies need innovation with breakthrough ideas that are authentic, not the same old thing.  Start implementing practices that speed up decision making and execution during the crisis. Many companies need a jolt or a shockwave to get moving again. That is where we come in.

As a leading brand consulting and internal change communications agency, we understand how to get your senior leadership team aligned to focus on new priorities quickly so that your organization can prioritize getting back to business smoothly. Through our proprietary VISIONEERING® process, we can help your marketing and HR leadership teams prioritize by quickly identifying the "current reality and obstacles" internally and externally, establish a "new ambition vision and direction," and set a course of action that closes the gap between the current reality and the new ambition vision.

Walmart, McDonald's, JPMorgan, Aetna, Prudential, Cummins, HP, and many other respected companies have come to Inward for our VISIONEERING® programs over the last 20 years. Through our two day off-site (or virtual) workshop, we can quickly get your team aligned and moving toward new priorities and opportunities that will have the most significant impact in this new, unprecedented environment.

What are the benefits of internal alignment?

  • Less wasted resources. A clear delineation of roles ensures that the company focuses their limited resources on the right activities to promote growth, and that they align functional and business priorities. The result is less wasted time and speed of performance. Among many things, this helps companies do more with less, creating a reduction in cost while simultaneously increasing performance.
  • Increased speed in decision making. Aligned organizations result in quicker decisions and reduced execution time. Indecision can cripple productivity, cause missed deadlines, and create ripple effects across an organization.
  • Employees have a clear vision of their work. Two of the natural consequences of a well-aligned organization are improved self-governance and better priorities. With less ambiguity surrounding their responsibilities, employees have the confidence to make decisions on their own and control the issues within the scope of their role instead of waiting to be told what to do or asking permission.
  • Better employee engagement.  Most employees want to feel that their work is meaningful and see that they are making a difference. An aligned organization connects and communicates an employee’s work to the organization’s strategy.
  • Innovation is a by-product of internal alignment. When people are working in opposite directions it is impossible to unify and focus on new ideas and opportunities.
  • A dynamic creative culture. Positive cultures do not happen in isolation, and good choices help create good culture. The culture of an organization feeds off the choices made and affects the overall successes or failures of an organization.

If you would like to see how it works and what you can achieve, give me a call or set up a lime to talk by clicking here. I look forward to a productive conversation. Stay safe and healthy! 

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Allan Steinmetz CEO