Posted by Allan Steinmetz on 20 December 2017

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As we wind down 2017 and enter into the holiday season, Inward has compiled our top five most insightful and impactful posts from the past year. Think of these pieces as our gift to you. These thought leadership pieces cover a range of essential topics, including employee engagement, branding, onboarding, and communications, just to name a few. We hope you gain valuable tips and strategies from the following pieces.

  • Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose - Are You Confused Yet? Over the last few months, Inward has had substantial conversations with several clients about “Purpose”. That’s right, purpose. One would think that purpose would be obvious to any successful organization that is attempting to achieve high performance, serve client expectations as best as they can, and attract the best talent out there. But the topic of “Purpose” seems to be elusive. http://bit.ly/2Bo39Fy
  • 10 Commandments of Internal Branding, Culture, and Employee Engagement. Written to celebrate our 19th anniversary, this post discusses our company’s history, and offers 10 tips for internal branding success. http://bit.ly/2DcVMhj
  • Is Culture a Core Business Asset? Culture should be viewed as an asset, like an organization’s human, physical, intellectual, technological, and other assets. There is empirical evidence and research efforts that prove organizations with highly engaged employees (one indicator of a strong, positive culture) outperform others on customer satisfaction, safety, quality, profitability, productivity, and shareholder returns. The report quotes one Commissioner, “Strong corporate cultures contribute to success and lasting value in the same way as product quality and R&D. http://bit.ly/2hn4seZ
  • The first step of employee engagement is finding a budget in determining the scale and scope of the program - Unless your brand engagement program has a significant budget, it will never make the impact necessary to change your employees’ behavior. Money talks. It is no different for advertising and marketing. So where should the employee branding/engagement budget come from? http://bit.ly/2kR0id4
  • Which comes first? EVP, culture, talent management or employee engagement? How can they work together? In nearly every client interaction, the topic of competing messages and alignment occurs. What communication message takes precedence? How does a company communicate to its employees without creating confusion? How does a company communicate with one voice, tone and manner with a personality that is consistent across the organization? http://bit.ly/2pXWqbH

To our loyal readers, stay tuned for more engaging and thought-provoking content coming up in 2018 on our blog, found at http://www.inwardconsulting.com/how-we-think/blog/, where you can also access all our past thought leadership. Happy Holiday!

Allan Steinmetz