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Effective Communications Can Be Defined With Two Words: Clarity and Authenticity

We live in a complicated world with more information hitting us daily than we can possibly absorb. It’s interesting to watch the evolution of technology as it balances advancement with ease of use and absorption. I remember the days when you needed a programmer to access data or when the user interface was so confusing that technology only seemed relevant to the technologically adept. With significant technological advances over the last 10 years, the user interface has become easier and easier for those who are not technology wizards, with the increasing use of voice activation. I can now tell my GPS where I want to go, I can tell my TV what I want to watch, and with the recent introduction of the Amazon Echo, I can tell “Alexa” to provide me with the weather, look information up on Wikipedia, run calculations, and play music that I want to hear. At one point, Android phones were only for the technology experts, while Apple was creating user interfaces that were easy for anyone to use. Android has now made significant strides in using advanced technology but simplifying the ability to use it and access information.

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 11:00am

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