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Tips for Boosting Your Brand With Social Media

With the number of social media channels growing, it is no wonder why most businesses focus a large amount of energy on marketing through social media.  However, simply having a page that posts bland content once in a while won’t cut it.  Customers are turning to social media to become engaged and interact with the brands of their choice.  There is nothing more disappointing as a customer than to look for your favorite brand’s Facebook or Twitter page, only to find out that one does not even exist! To fully engage and interact with customers, companies need to make sure their social media agendas are planned out properly and are in full swing.  Here are some small tips on how your company can improve its social media strategy to engage your customers and boost your brand!

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Understanding the Technique Behind Successful Brands

When prompted, we can all provide a list of brands we love, or hate. As we progress throughout our day as consumers, we make choices that signal preference for one brand over another. Some of our choices are purely transactional; others however, are the result of specific brand preferences cultivated over time. David Brier shared an infographic in a recent Fast Company blog post that explains why we love some brands, and hate others. Take a look at the image above. 

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The Best and Worst of Super Bowl Commercials

This Sunday, February 2, 2014, is one of the most exciting days for sports fans all across the country: The Super Bowl.  Every year, the Super Bowl captures the biggest TV audience as viewers watch two NFL teams fight it out for the championship title.  Interestingly, a large percentage of this audience has a greater interest in the commercial breaks.  The Super Bowl time slot is known for having the best commercials of the entire year.  With such a large viewership, companies fight for a slot to promote their brand.  These various companies are willing to pay millions of dollars for only 30 seconds of air time!  With a large audience, expensive airtime, and an unbelievable opportunity for brand engagement, companies put their best foot forward to create some of the best commercials possible.  While many brands hit the nail on the head with stunning commercials, many also seem to miss the mark.  Here are some examples of the best and worst of Super Bowl commercials:

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Chipotle- The Superstars of Branding

Branding is one of the most important foundations for building a successful company.  It allows your company to properly communicate its goals and objectives to its clientele, overall establishing an identity.  A strong and successful brand can ultimately build customer loyalty for your company.  Devising and implementing a branding strategy is one of the hardest things to successfully tackle.  Many companies have tried to develop a positive identity and brand for their company but have missed the mark.  One company that has proven time and time again to be extremely successful in building a strong brand is the Mexican fast-food restaurant, Chipotle.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 10:00am

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