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Are you Experiencing Culture Change


The other day, I received a report from Quantum Workplace, stating that 65 percent of employees had perceived a shift in their organization’s culture over the last two years. Considering the pandemic’s impact, this makes sense; however, the number still seems low. With an increase in remote work, restaurant business closure, etc., I would have expected the number to be much higher, around 75 to 85 percent. I anticipated a change in cultural understanding when I wrote a blog post two years ago entitled DISCONNECTEDNESS. APART NOT ALONE.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 12:00am

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Now you have a VISION, MISSION, VALUES, PURPOSE and CULTURE: now what should your company do?


 Lately, I have been having some stimulating conversations with CEO’s and CMO’s about Vision/ Mission, Culture and Brand Purpose. They have many questions regarding how often should these ideas be revisited? How should they be cascaded throughout the company and by whom? They wonder whether they should address Vision/ Mission, Culture and Brand Purpose with internal resources, or secure the help of their agencies and consulting firms?

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 12:00am

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Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose - Are You Confused Yet?

Over the last few months, Inward has had substantial conversations with several clients about “Purpose”. That’s right, purpose. One would think that purpose would be obvious to any successful organization that is attempting to achieve high performance, serve client expectations as best as they can, and attract the best talent out there. But the topic of “Purpose” seems to be elusive.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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Which Comes First: Vision Or Mission?

Employee engagement is one of the most significant challenges facing organizations today. In order for companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences, they must create a culture in which employees understand, believe in and are committed to achieving the vision and delivering on the strategy / brand promise. But before you can begin to address a strategy or programs to create that culture of engagement, there must be alignment of the vision, culture, and business strategy within the organization.

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 11:00am

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Is culture really important?

Every organization has a culture, whether it’s clearly articulated or not.  So what exactly is “culture”?  Merriam Webster simply defines it as a “way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization.”  Defining the culture always comes down to articulating the values and beliefs of the leadership.  For example, if family values are a core belief of leadership, the culture will be one that supports a strong work/life balance focus.  Or if innovation is important to the leadership, the culture will be one of continuous improvement and leadership in the market.  Apple is an obvious example of an innovation culture.  So if vision represents what an organization is trying to achieve, culture defines how people are going to behave and what values they are going to embrace while they strive to achieve that vision. 

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 11:00am

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