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Gulf States Shipbuilders Consortium

Last week I delivered the keynote address at the annual Gulf States Shipbuilders Consortium conference in Pensacola, Florida. The audience was made up of shipyard owners (both large and small), HR and training professionals, talent recruiting firms and training development professionals. Many manufactured aircraft carriers and cruisers for the Navy. They asked me to address the topic of Employee Engagement and why it was essential within a manufacturing environment. I provided facts and details about why employee engagement is critical, such as improving revenue growth by 147%, that 73% of our US population is NOT ENGAGED and costing as much as $450 billion to our economy. Also, high levels of engagement improve output and productivity and ability to recruit top talent. After providing the factual data, I focused on what shipbuilders and manufacturers specifically need to do to improve employee engagement and to create an engagement culture.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 12:00am

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Chick HERE to learn how to build employee brand advocacy through 3 types of recognition and reward

Have you ever wondered what motivates people these days? Bet you thought it was the golden carrot, right? But you are wrong – it’s being appreciated and recognized in a meaningful way

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Recognition Of Our Worth And Value Is A Universal Need

As we look back over our careers, we often have defining moments that shape our view of the world forever. When I was in my late 30’s, I had the incredible opportunity to manage one of the world’s most iconic brands, KitchenAid. Up to this point in my career, other than a short two-year period running a cable television operation in rural Kentucky, my experience had been in the financial field; so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I was presented with this opportunity. At this time, KitchenAid Portable Appliances was a one-product organization, manufacturing and marketing the legendary Stand Mixer. I will never forget when I took the assignment that my marching orders from the President of KitchenAid were twofold: First and foremost, don’t mess this up. Protect the equity of the brand and reputation of the KitchenAid stand mixer. And two, grow the business from a one-product company to a full small appliance competitor.

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 11:00am

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Amazon’s Culture Takes A Hit In The Press

Over the last two weeks there have been some scathing reports and representations regarding Amazon’s culture. It was described in the New York Times article as being overly demanding, dismissive of personal issues, and an environment where tearing down the ideas of others in pursuit of excellence was considered the norm. It was cited that it is common to see people crying at their desks because of the stress. Jeff Bezos for his part seems to be in denial. He said in many reports that “this is not the Amazon he has come to recognize”. Maybe he should dig a little deeper.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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Inexpensive And Effective Reward And Recognition Programs

This is the eighth submission in an 11-week series on how to launch an employee engagement program. Last week I spoke about the creation of logo lockups and taglines. In this post I will discuss the importance of recognition and rewarding people.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 2:00pm

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Using Gamification to Influence Business Travelers' Behavior

Gamification is proving to be successful when applied to many different subjects. In the classroom children are scoring higher. In the workplace employees are becoming more engaged at work and generating more revenue for their employers. Now it is being applied to business travel.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 10:00am

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Five Myths of Employee Engagement Infographic

This infographic created by Michael C Fina accurately depicts many misconceptions in the workplace today. While debunking the myths, it also simultaneously highlights the importance of employee engagement and its key role for maintaining a powerful staff. Having intangible rewards that give employees incentives makes for a higher return on investment and creates an environment of happy campers. Treating each individual equally and applauding their accomplishments are just a few suggestions to becoming an effective and amiable boss. 

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 2:00am

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Four Apps to Gamify Your Life

As gamification continues to be a prominent topic of discussion in the workplace, it is simultaneously growing in the social world. With smart phones becoming a necessity in our lives, apps have become a useful tool to keep us organized, entertained and up to date in our fluctuating world. There are now apps that are designed to help you live the lifestyle you desire, and will reward you for every step towards that direction. Here are some notable apps that can help gamify your personal life. 

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 9:00am

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