Understanding the Technique Behind Successful Brands

Posted by Allan Steinmetz on 4 February 2014

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When prompted, we can all provide a list of brands we love, or hate. As we progress throughout our day as consumers, we make choices that signal preference for one brand over another. Some of our choices are purely transactional; others however, are the result of specific brand preferences cultivated over time. David Brier shared an infographic in a recent Fast Company blog post that explains why we love some brands, and hate others. Take a look at the image above. 

It comes down to three crucial elements: Help, Expectation, and observation.


  1. A brand that provides great customer service shows that it cares and will put its customers first.
  2. Expectation relates to a set of behaviors employees must exhibit to meet customer expectations. The more passionate your employees are, the better the customer brand experience.
  3. For a brand to be observant it must remain connected and informed, and be willing to be responsive to changing customer needs or behaviors.
    Although the formula is simple, achieving it can be a challenge in a constantly changing business environment. The brands that maintain excellence in each of these categories have a strong internal brand culture, a community of employees who understand and are passionate about their role in the company, as well as its vision, mission and values. Brands that continue to be responsive to the changing environment are better able to meet or exceed customer expectations and gives your brand value. Without these important qualities, customers loose anticipation that the company listens to the consumers needs. Furthermore, a lack of initiative from the employees will negatively resonate on the brand as a whole. 


As Brier’s infographic suggests, brands that focus on providing good customer experiences, encourage employee engagement at all levels of the organization, and are responsive to the business environment position themselves for ongoing success.