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Tesla’s Play to Change the Auto Industry

My new favorite magazine is called The Week. It is only 35 to 40 pages long and does not have a lot of advertising in it. It reminds me of the Cliff notes version of Time or Newsweek. It is a synopsis of the week’s news through the eyes of bloggers, news bureaus’ op-ed pages and newspaper reporters. Any given article is no more than a half of a page long and summarizes the topic by providing quotes by reporters/bloggers who have written on the topic over the course of the week. I like reading it undisturbed by cell phones and tablets on Saturday afternoons while sipping a hot cup of tea or occasionally a glass of white wine.

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5 Marketing Tips from Dr. Seuss

Many lessons can be learned from reading a Dr. Seuss book. As we grow older, his poetic lines can be interpreted differently. The fact that all ages can enjoy his eloquent, wise phrases can be credited to his true understanding of human nature. It is then no surprise that his quotes are applicable to the marketing world, reminding us that being human is the best approach to being successful.

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INFOGRAPHIC: One Approach to Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest challenge for marketers, aside from acquiring new customers, is finding a way to maintain customer loyalty.  The more loyal customers your business can maintain, the more likely it is that you will save costs and increase revenue.  There are many ways to build a strong base of loyal customers, including improving customer experience, speedy responses to solutions, interactive social media, and more.  One quick and easy way to improve customer loyalty is by instating a loyalty program that includes benefits for your customers.  This infographic from Ciceron provides important statistics on how beneficial a customer loyalty program can be for your business.  Just a quick note, though, that this is not a complete solution to customer loyalty, but just one of many ideas that your business can implement to increase loyalty.  Take the time to see if a loyalty program is something that could work for your business!

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Employee Loyalty and the Emotional Gap

As a leader, it can be difficult to understand what your employees really want from their jobs. Trying to deliver “happiness” is too vague and intangible, especially when each person’s definition of happiness is different. Marketing Metrix published some interesting research on employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry. The results are quite staggering.

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Spring Is (Almost) In The Air!

Here in the northeast, it feels as though this winter is never going to end, especially with all of this arctic air.  Spring is on everybody’s mind as we count down the days to some warmer weather.  As they always say, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  With the hopes of warm air in the coming weeks of March, it is the perfect time to change up the vibe in the office.  Right now, people are hindered by the winter doldrums, early darkness, and stuffy office air.  Making some slight changes at the beginning of spring to your office can give your employees new found motivation and energy to power through the work weeks.  Here are some easy, simple tips to make your employees feel refreshed and motivated at the office as the seasons change.  

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Understanding the Importance of Social Media for B2B Relationships (Infographic)

With the digital era continuing to evolve, many brands are reallocating the money in their marketing budgets to create digital marketing campaigns and maintain social media platforms. It’s often more obvious for B2C marketers, but the question still remains just how big of an impact these platforms can have on your B2B brand’s success. Ambassador created an infographic laying out the raw facts of the business to business interactions that occur over social media, reminding us how important it is for brands to have an online presence.

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