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“Back to the Future” with Jim Speros, EVP Communications of Fidelity Investments - Reminiscing about AT&T

The other day I had the pleasure of visiting with Jim Speros, who is the EVP of Corporate Communications for Fidelity Investments. Jim has had a remarkable career in a variety of marketing and advertising roles over the last 39 years. In addition to the last eight years he has served Fidelity Investments, he has also worked at Marsh-McLennan Companies, Ernst & Young and AT&T.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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How Plans To Stand Out By Putting Employees First

In today’s profits-driven business environment, the effect on the bottom line is always a key consideration for a new program or initiative. With ROI being king, the metrics that are typically tracked, analyzed, and discussed are mostly a matter of dollars and cents. However, what is lost or overlooked in this world of big data and analytics are the softer metrics that can also have a significant impact on ROI. Elements like work/life balance and employee happiness are not usually top of mind for business leaders. But by ignoring their employees’ needs, some companies have found themselves in unexpected trouble. For instance, Amazon, long considered a model of Silicon Valley success, experienced a major PR snafu earlier this year as a result of a high-profile expose’ detailing frustrated, overworked, and disgruntled employees.

Posted by Matt Manning at 11:00am

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Engaged Employees Really Do Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences!

When we travel, there are a number of opportunities for employees from different product and service providers to either increase or decrease the quality of our experience. Rarely do all of the planets align to end up with a trip in which every company involved compounds to the overall enjoyable experience. I recently returned from a family vacation and it turned out to be a case study for the experience enjoyed when EVERYONE involved goes above and beyond to make that trip memorable.

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 11:00am

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