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It was 19 years ago that we first started building our own brand identity. At the time, many companies were conducting large-scale process redesign and reengineering programs. Reportedly, close to 50% of those programs were failing, and 80% of the credit was given to reasons related to company culture clashes. Our thinking? What could we do to help organizations deal with enterprise change, culture realignment and internal branding?

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Last week I read a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal. They previewed a National Association of Corporate Directors blue ribbon commission report proclaiming that corporate cultures matter in business. WHAT?  You would think that was obvious. So why has it taken so long for corporate boards to notice? Having a high-performance culture isn’t new! Maybe boards of directors just don’t understand what culture means. Culture is a set of shared assumptions about how to think, feel and act. Culture is the way work gets done. Culture is the sum total of behaviors, beliefs and decisions that leadership exhibits to create a positive and conducive business environment that allows positive implementation of the company strategy.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 1:00am

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