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It was only a matter of time. Well, today it happened. Yesterday, I opened my morning Wall Street Journal and saw the headline, “Sears prepares to file for Chapter 11” with the sub-headline reading “storied retailer hires M-III Partners to help on bankruptcy action; a debt deadline looms.” Today, I read a follow-up stories saying that their creditors were not going to arrange financing for restructuring which ensures foreclosure. How sad, yet necessary. We all anticipated the demise of Sears.

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This week I am sure you are seeing many thought leadership articles, opinion pieces and blog posts addressing business, marketing and technology predictions for this new year. So far, I have seen discussions on mobile technologies, continued mergers and acquisitions, the raging tech stock market, artificial intelligence and the list goes on. One thing is for sure, the proverbial crystal ball for 2018 will be cloudy. No one knows for sure what will happen or what will become reality.

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Click Here To Learn More about onboarding new employees and gamification

I recently did some secondary research to see how companies are creating new cultures by effectively using onboarding with help from gamification. What I found was quite fascinating.

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Amazon’s Culture Takes A Hit In The Press

Over the last two weeks there have been some scathing reports and representations regarding Amazon’s culture. It was described in the New York Times article as being overly demanding, dismissive of personal issues, and an environment where tearing down the ideas of others in pursuit of excellence was considered the norm. It was cited that it is common to see people crying at their desks because of the stress. Jeff Bezos for his part seems to be in denial. He said in many reports that “this is not the Amazon he has come to recognize”. Maybe he should dig a little deeper.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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