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Proper alignment of employee and customer enagagement contribute to a brand culture


Creating a large pool of loyal customers is extremely important to the sustainability of a business, but it is the employees that are the enabler of the products and innovations.  Having loyal employees and loyal customers allow companies to sell products more successfully than average. Great products and excellent employee service are crucial to creating loyal customers and growing a business.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 12:00am

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Kudos to Lowes In Gurnee, Illinois For Getting It Right

Big box stores like Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes have become the go-to destination for home improvement products, from building materials to landscaping supplies and plants to hardware. And yet they are notoriously bad when it comes to providing an exceptional customer experience for the average consumer who isn’t an expert in the task he/she is undertaking. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for and even harder to find an associate who can help. In fact, there are a number of television commercials running today that poke fun at the difficulty of finding a knowledgeable assistant at stores like this. Occasionally, you find a store that breaks out of the pack, but there is great inconsistency from store to store.

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 9:00am

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Call Centers Are Costing Companies Through Lost Sales Leads – Learn Why

Innovations in technology have transformed our lives in countless ways. With the touch of a button, you can order a ride, plan a vacation, or look up information on just about anything. With that being said, why is it still a nightmare when faced with the daunting task of getting on the phone with a corporate customer service center?

Posted by Matt Manning at 11:00am

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Engaged Employees Really Do Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences!

When we travel, there are a number of opportunities for employees from different product and service providers to either increase or decrease the quality of our experience. Rarely do all of the planets align to end up with a trip in which every company involved compounds to the overall enjoyable experience. I recently returned from a family vacation and it turned out to be a case study for the experience enjoyed when EVERYONE involved goes above and beyond to make that trip memorable.

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 11:00am

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Why Aren't Shoppers Shopping?

In a recent study by Timetrade, a retail/shopper marketing research organization, cites the reasons why shoppers are leaving stores empty-handed. They claim that 53% of the consumers don't know what exactly to purchase, 90% can't always find the right person to help and 85% leave without buying when they don't find the right person to give them assistance. Those are staggering numbers. It seems that all a retailer needs to do is provide better personal attention and faster service to resolve these issues. But all too often that does not occur.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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Infographic on the Value of Your Online Reputation

Monitoring your online reputation is a great way to keep yourself updated on how successful your business is doing. It’s essentially a live feed of reviews, comments, suggestions and critiques from your stakeholders that let you know how to adjust your brand’s image and communications moving forward. An infographic by MDG Advertising provides some interesting statistics:

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 9:00am

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The Brand Value of Putting your Customers First

We have heard it over and over again, communication is no longer a one-way street between your brand and your customers. In fact, more often than not, your brand reputation lies in the hands of internet-savvy consumers who will advocate for or against your brand outside the realm of the traditional marketing mix.  Marketers must consistently engage these advocates with flexibility and understanding. 

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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Successful Product Placements in Hollywood Films

Hollywood creates amazing opportunities for brands to assimilate their products into American culture. Sometimes it is an unpaid product placement, other times it’s an investment made by companies. However, the data has shown that if the product is well integrated into the film, the results can be impressive. Here are five brands that benefited from placing their product in a Hollywood film.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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5 Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Creating a large pool of loyal customers is extremely important to the sustainability of a business. Having loyal customers allows you to up-sell your products at a more successful rate. Great products and excellent customer service are key to creating loyal customers. No matter what industry you are in, issues always arise; it is how you deal with these issues that can really make or break your relationship with your customers. Customers want to find that one brand they can really trust. Once that trust is built, they’ll continue to come back for more! Check out these 5 tips on building customer loyalty for your business:

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 6:44pm

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