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Chick HERE to see what we have learned over 19 years


It was 19 years ago that we first started building our own brand identity. At the time, many companies were conducting large-scale process redesign and reengineering programs. Reportedly, close to 50% of those programs were failing, and 80% of the credit was given to reasons related to company culture clashes. Our thinking? What could we do to help organizations deal with enterprise change, culture realignment and internal branding?

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 1:00am

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The Friendly Skies of United Are Not So Friendly Anymore

This week, United Continental Airlines forcibly ejected a paid and seated passenger, Dr. Dao, after he refused to be voluntarily bumped off the flight. He was leaving Chicago on United Continental express flight 3411 to Louisville Kentucky. During the scuffle, his mouth was bloodied and he was dragged down the aisles and pulled off the plane, while other passengers were astounded and shocked by the treatment. Video was captured during this traumatic event and shown on all the evening news broadcasts, sparking outrage on social media.  Articles were written in all major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, which wrote an editorial against this incident. Additional ridicule and criticism occurred after it was made known that Mr. Munoz, United Continental’s CEO wrote to employees seemingly defending his employees’ actions over Dr. Dao and other passengers on the flight. On Monday, he said he “regretted the need to re-accommodate him and the other passengers.” And later in an email to employees, he struck a more defensive tone, stating that “while I deeply regret the situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you.” Only after additional criticism and rebuke by the press and in social media, did he change his views and release a statement that said, “I share all those sentiments and one above all express my deepest the apologies for what happened.”

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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Managing Change Through Strategic Internal Communications

In today’s constantly changing global environment, companies that anticipate these shifts have a distinct advantage over competitors. For instance, dietary preferences have shifted away from processed fast foods towards organic and locally sourced options. Big box retailers have seen their shoppers migrate to the Internet, and have had to adjust their inventory model, online/social presence, and delivery systems. Additionally, companies in almost every industry are experiencing mergers and acquisitions to gain competitive advantages of size and scope within their fields. In order to prepare employees for this constant change, companies must rely on strategic internal communications to establish clarity, alignment, and engagement. A recent post on CEB Global, entitled “Why Internal Communicators Should Prioritize Change Communication” discusses this idea.

Posted by Matt Manning at 11:00am

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“The Times They Are A Changing”, Especially In Internal Communications

I recently had the opportunity to attend a very informative event held by the Boston chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. It was a panel discussion called “Internal Communications In Times of Change”, where HR, marketing, and communications professionals from a variety of industries came together to discuss trends in internal corporate communications and participate in an open Q+A session.

Posted by Matt Manning at 9:00am

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Does One Size Fit All In Employee Engagement?

The other day I was approached by a prospective new manufacturing client. They had a robust employee engagement and employee brand program, but for reasons unbeknownst to him, they were not being effective. They were doing all the right things in regard to regular frequent communications, having a message that was aligned with corporate vision and mission, and a decent recognition / reward program which supported appropriate behaviors and innovations. But the programs were not having the impact he and senior management desired. He had hoped for higher employee retention, greater brand ambassadorship and advocacy in higher productivity and efficiency of performance but none of that was happening.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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What is Gamification?

In the last few years gamification has had phenomenal growth as a means of improving knowledge, employee and customer engagement in a fun, interactive fashion. In fact, gamification is 10 times more effective at information recall than traditional computer-based learning techniques. It also can contribute to greater viral/social communications and peer-to-peer recognition and rewards through leader boards and badges.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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Do you want to improve internal buy-in for major change initiatives? Start socializing your ideas internally.

I often get asked the question, "What is the biggest obstacle for gaining acceptance for internal change?” The answer is simple. Socialize your ideas and let your colleagues contribute to the outcome.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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Treat Employee Engagement Like a Romance

Employee brand engagement with employees is a lot like a romance that takes place with your significant other. You can’t just go up to someone after the first date and say, “marry me”. It takes time and patience, understanding and listening. Commitment toward each other. Ultimately after a number of months or even years you pop the question and the response is “Yes!” And you are off on bliss for the rest of your life.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:05am

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Join me at the Advanced Learning Institute's 2014 Strategic Internal Communications Conference

Dear Inward Colleague, 

I wanted to personally invite you to the upcoming ALI Strategic Communications Conference in Boston. It's a valuable learning experience where you'll gain access to great case histories and unique networking opportunities. Plus, I will be facilitating a conference workshop titled, Implementing New Internal Branding Processes For Improved Employee Engagement & New Employee Behavior That Supports Your Company's Goals, from 1:15pm-3:15pm on Tuesday, July 15.

If you are able to join me in July, please do so. I encourage you to take advantage of the discount below, and I hope to see you in Boston! 

-Allan Steinmetz

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 10:00am

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