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Abundant Mentality Can Transform Your Company To Greatness

When I was in the advertising business at Young & Rubicam many years ago, we were divided into brand groups that would compete against each other for the best idea. We would work hard to come up with insights in collaborative teams of three people. We would then come together and present our ideas to the management supervisor and/or creative director who would bestow their judgments on the ideas from each brand group. The process worked to an extent, but it created a competitive environment filled with jealousy, political intrigue, and favoritism. In my opinion it wasn’t always a level playing field that was based on meritocracy. I always wondered how it could be improved upon if we all worked on the same idea together.

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 11:00am

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The Team With The Best Players Doesn't Always Win

Is it possible to have a team of very high performers and yet not be a high performing organization?  It happens all the time, in sports and in the business world. How many times have you watched a ball game where a roster of highly talented players can’t seem to work together to win the game? Similarly, how many organizations do you know with an extremely talented leadership team, and yet they consistently fall short of expectations and goals? Individual talent alone is not enough to win in team sports, and in many ways, running a business is in fact a “team sport”.

Posted by Rick DeMarco at 11:00am

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Bring Your Inner Child to Work Day

Here at Inward Strategic Consulting we are all about employee engagement, and through methods such as gamification we bring this invaluable asset to tons of great companies every day. But even a team of employee engagement, gamification specialists can get a case of the creative hiccups. So what do we do when faced with this dilemma? Forget the pant suit and the never ending influx of emails for the day. Spending hours behind a desk, computer, or staying in one place for a prolonged period of time can definitely stifle creativity. So get out!

Posted by Allan Steinmetz at 1:00am

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