How Millennial Are You?

Posted by Allan Steinmetz on 25 February 2014

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As Millennials continue to become a hot topic of discussion, you may ask yourself if you fall into the category of being a Millennial. Pew Research Center created an online survey to help you identify your generation. The 15 part questionnaire prompts questions ranging from how frequently you text to if you have a tattoo or not. Take it here.

If this survey doesn’t cut it for you, here are some more statistics that will help you accurately categorize yourself.

How often do you drive? Millennials drive about a quarter less than their counterparts did eight years ago.

How many phones do you have? 41% of Millennials aren’t connected to a landline.

Use an alarm clock? 83% of Millennials sleep next to their mobile devices.

How badly do you want to own a house? 18% of Millennials say owning a house is a very important life step.

Married? A fifth of Millenials in their 20’s are married, compared to roughly half of the boomer population at the same age.

Do you commonly bring a lunch into work? Millennials are the driving force behind the growing fast food sub industry.

Dine out often? Millennials dine out 20% less than their peers did five years ago.