Tips for Kicking Off the New Year

Posted by Allan Steinmetz on 9 January 2014

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Happy New Year to everyone from Inward Strategic Consulting!  What better way to kick off the New Year than a fresh start to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  By following some of these quick and easy tips, you can start the year on the right food by feeling better about yourself, both physically and mentally!

Strength in Numbers: Do you make a New Year’s Resolution every year but seem to never actually follow through with it?  This year, try finding a partner to work with on your resolution.  Having a buddy with the same resolution will not only make it fun, but it will also keep you motivated, especially if you’re a competitive person.  If you start falling off track, your friend can be there to give you that extra kick to keep going, and vice versa!  Following through with any sort of resolution, especially one that has failed in the past, will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride.

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”: This may sound a little crazy but try giving yourself a positive affirmation every morning before starting off your day.  At first, it might feel a little strange, but with time, it will become natural.  This will kick off your day on a positive note, focusing on the good of what can and will happen.  You’ll start looking at yourself in a completely different way!  If you are someone who struggles to think about themselves positively, check out this video made by Dove for a little motivation by clicking here.

“No 2:30 Feeling Later…”: Do you find yourself crashing in the middle of the work day?  Do you drink cup after cup of coffee to power through, only to find it not working?  Focusing on your health can help change this!  Start 2014 on the right foot with better eating and physical lifestyle changes.  First thing’s first: caffeine.  Many people who are stuck in an office rely on caffeine to make it through the day, only to find themselves crashing from it by the end.  Try slowly weaning yourself off coffee/espresso/Red Bull.  There are many healthy alternatives out there to give you that extra boost of energy to make it through the day.  For example, apples and bananas are both high in vitamins and fiber, taking longer to digest and giving you a prolonged boost of energy.  Start by replacing one cup of coffee/espresso a day with a healthier alternative.  Slowly work your way to two times a day and, eventually, try cutting caffeine out of your diet, or at least to very limited amounts.  Eating healthier meals and snacks throughout the day will also give you that boost to make it through the work day.  If you’re stuck at a desk, try to take some time to walk around and let some energy out.  Staying physical and having a better diet will also help you sleep better at night.  You’ll ultimately feel better throughout the day and  feel better about yourself!

Me, Myself, & I: Start waking up in the morning by living in your own little bubble.  Avoid instantly checking your email the second your alarm goes off.  Hold off on turning on the news or reading a newspaper for about an hour after you wake up.  Avoiding these activities will allow yourself to slowly relax and ease into the day before the chaos commences! 

2014 can be your year for change!  Take this time to transform yourself into a healthier and happier person.  Start with baby steps and you’ll quickly realize change might not be so hard after all.  Happy New Year everyone!