Bring Your Inner Child to Work Day

Posted by Allan Steinmetz on 2 January 2014

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Here at Inward Strategic Consulting we are all about employee engagement, and through methods such as gamification we bring this invaluable asset to tons of great companies every day. But even a team of employee engagement, gamification specialists can get a case of the creative hiccups. So what do we do when faced with this dilemma? Forget the pant suit and the never ending influx of emails for the day. Spending hours behind a desk, computer, or staying in one place for a prolonged period of time can definitely stifle creativity. So get out!

Maybe take a team of co-workers to a local park, kick off your shoes and brainstorm with your feet in the sand. Try breaking out the art supplies and doodle your way to a masterpiece. Regardless of what your inner child is craving, remember that kids aren’t afraid of looking silly. Any idea, at this point, is a good idea. Tomorrow your adult self can sift through it all, but until then feel free to let the creativity flow. Your team will thank you!