Infographic on the Value of Your Online Reputation

Posted by Allan Steinmetz on 15 April 2014

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Monitoring your online reputation is a great way to keep yourself updated on how successful your business is doing. It’s essentially a live feed of reviews, comments, suggestions and critiques from your stakeholders that let you know how to adjust your brand’s image and communications moving forward. An infographic by MDG Advertising provides some interesting statistics:

These stats reinforce the importance of feedback. Businesses have no option but to incorporate customer satisfaction as a crucial brand value and be able to engage with them via social media platforms. Making effort and demonstrating that you care builds brand character and keeps your online fan base’s buzz positive.  As we all know, consumers talk to each other and value each other’s input on brands and purchases. In fact, 70% of consumers trust each other’s opinions of brands, so brand consistency is key. Make sure to engrain a “customer first” policy into your company culture and your online reputation will benefit.