Case Study - JP Morgan

JP Morgan – Visioneering®

Objective: Create vision for the organization.

Solution: Inward facilitated a full day workshop in New York City, bringing over ninety participants together from across the globe, including a live two-way audio/video feed for participants in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. The meeting was kicked off by an inspirational talk by the newly appointed CMO, who reviewed the business goals, marketing strategy priorities and the unit’s performance over the previous year. Inward then facilitated a six-hour session

Results: Participants addressed four core objectives:

  1. Vision for implementing the strategy
  2. Current reality that represented obstacles for realizing their vision
  3. Productive conversation to close the gap between the vision and the current reality
  4. Establishing priorities to execute the strategy and close the gap between the vision and the current reality 

Simply put, we implemented our tried and true process of collecting input from marketing leaders through a codified framework and articulated it into a plan, so that JP Morgan’s Global Wealth Management Group can set out in 2014 to execute, like never before.

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