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Millennial VS Baby Boomers in the workplace

The other day, I had a fascinating conversation with a client regarding the contrast and differences in attitudes and behavior in marketing/branding between the millennial workforce and generation X/baby boomer workforce. We both agreed that there are significant differences that run the risk of diminishing employee brand engagement among both populations. We felt that the differences between the groups could have dire consequences on the company’s purpose, morale, culture and brand reputation and that would ultimately have an impact on performance and productivity.

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Four stages of creating an effective Brand Ambassador program

It has been quite some time since I have addressed the topic of employee advocacy and brand championship. Having a brand ambassador program and promoting brand advocacy within an organization is a marketing imperative and necessity.

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This week I am sure you are seeing many thought leadership articles, opinion pieces and blog posts addressing business, marketing and technology predictions for this new year. So far, I have seen discussions on mobile technologies, continued mergers and acquisitions, the raging tech stock market, artificial intelligence and the list goes on. One thing is for sure, the proverbial crystal ball for 2018 will be cloudy. No one knows for sure what will happen or what will become reality.

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